Our Process

We have built a very simple yet highly robust model that puts a solid control on all parts of our business guaranteeing farmers’ success and sponsors’ expectations. This model is in two parts:

1. Farmer Engagement Process

Orientation/ Continuous Skill Upgrade

We do organise the Farmmonie Poultry Expo that brings together poultry farmers raising various quantities of birds from different parts of Nigeria. Through the orientation, we provide the farmers opportunity to learn about what we do and how to work with us. There are also various skills upgrades we do for our farmers to ensure they are always advancing with time and technology. If you want to connect with us as a poultry farmer, send an email to hello@farmmonie.com with the subject “POULTRY FARMER”.

Farm Assessment/Farm Selection

We visit and thoroughly assess farms we expect to work with to know the state of things before our intervention and how to effectively work with them to ensure success. We deal with every farmer/farmer group on a case-by-case basis and finally choose farms we work with based on predefined criteria.

Relevant Support

Different farms have different needs. We help each farm based on their needs ranging from funding, contractual management, access to regular market, procurement etc. Farms approved for sponsorship are listed on our website and are open to individuals to sponsor within a stipulated period of time for a stipulated return on investment. This usually takes about 2-3weeks. The sponsored farm is comprehensively insured by Leadway Assurance and we work with offtakers who commit to purchasing the birds at maturity. Every farmer is attached to a qualified extension agent who ensures the farm is run under best practices. This allows our farmers to concentrate on growing quality birds and not to worry about how to make money.

2. Sponsor Engagement Process

Sign Up

We have provided a safe and secure digital platform on which sponsors irrespective of their location can easily be part of the process. You will be required to fill in your basic information and further prompts will come up to ensure we capture the necessary details for you to have a hassle-free experience on the platform.


Sponsors can go ahead and choose which farms they want to sponsor and how many units they would want, then follow the subsequent instructions on how to make payment in a fast, simple and secure manner. We have created three categories of payment: online payment, bank transfer, cash deposit. Sponsors can call our careline +234 (0) 906 000 8394 to buy units over the phone.


Sponsors will receive periodic updates via their emails on the farms they have sponsored. They can as well choose to visit the farm under proper arrangement.

Sales and Returns

At harvest, usually within 6 months, the birds are sold off and returns are made back to the sponsors with the initially stipulated profits.

Other Services

Farm Management

We continously build innovative solutions for both small and medium farm ventures to easily start and grow rapidly. You can outsource the management of your farm to us and we will provide you with any of our poultry experts to help you manage your farm and ensure profitability. Send an email to hello@farmmonie.com with "FARM MANAGEMENT" as the subject if you want to engage us in managing your farm.

Farm Procurement Services

We help poultry farms that are determined to succeed right from the first step to plan, procure and ensure they start-off and run on quality feed ingredients, day-old chicks, poultry equipment and also provide skills upgrade in order to ensure a successful venture. Send an email to hello@farmmonie.com with "PROCUREMENT SERVICES" as the subject if you want to engage us in procuring materials for your farm.