• What is Farmmonie about?

    Farmmonie is an agro-tech platform that provides top-notch extension service to Nigerian farmers in the poultry industry such as training, inputs, access to markets and funding.

    It also allows individuals to sponsor farms listed on the platform. Currently, we are focused on the poultry industry because we have a robust relationship and experience with hundreds of existing poultry farmers and service providers.


  • Who is Behind the Farmmonie Idea?

    Farmmonie.com is owned by Farmmonie Technologies Limited, a leading agro-tech company in Africa established in 2017 with the aim to provide smart agricultural solutions to farmers and farms across Africa.


  • What exactly does Farmmonie do?

    Farmmonie searches, identifies and works with thoroughly vetted poultry farmers to help them increase production and revenue by maximizing their capacities at the least operating costs throughout the year.

    Our support includes providing the farmers with inputs such as Day-Old Chicks, feeds, training and comprehensive poultry insurance. We also help these farms to raise funds through sponsorships from individuals. At harvest, we help these farmers sell off the birds to our partner buyers and the profits are shared between the company, the farmer and the sponsor. This entire process takes about 6 months.


  • Why Poultry?

    70% of the poultry products consumed in Nigeria is imported. Poultry is not limited by any religious practice. The annual demand for poultry products is worth 500billion naira annually. Nigeria has 1.2trillion naira commercial value of poultry production but due to lack of a highly effective and well structured platform that brings together the input suppliers cum funding with the farmers, and further bridge the gap between the farmers and the market, the industry has suffered a lot of setback.

    Farmmonie has come to change the narrative by helping Nigerian poultry farmers and investors to enjoy the full dividends of the poultry industry.


  • How do I become a Sponsor on Farmmonie?

    Kindly sign up, fill the contract form and make payment on our website. It is fast, simple, and secure. You can start sponsoring farms with as low as 50,000NGN.
    You can as well reach us on +2349060008394 (mon-fri: 9am-5pm).


  • What is my reward?

    At the point of sponsoring a farm, you will be informed about the expected returns on your sponsorship and the duration. Currently, we offer 15% returns on your investment in 6 months.


  • How long can I leave my funds with you?

    You can leave your funds with us for as long as you wish. We however would keep investing your funds in new farms and notify you accordingly. Whenever you are ready to withdraw, kindly make sure it coincides with the end of a particular cycle your funds had been invested in. Both your sponsored funds and accrued returns will be paid to your designated bank account you filled in the contract form.


  • Can I terminate my sponsorship anytime?

    Every sponsorship is attached to a farm and a fixed production cycle. You can only terminate your sponsorship at the end of the production cycle your fund sponsored. When you make payment, you will receive an expected date of payout.


  • Can I co-Sponsor a farm with other people?

    Yes you can, but the sponsorship will only carry the name of the account owner. To co-sponsor a farm, kindly visit our office at 2nd Floor, Edo Innovation Hub, 59, ICE Road, Off Wire Road, Benin City or call us on +2349060008394.


  • What do you do with my funds?

    We use the funds to provide input to the listed farm such as day-old chicks, feeds, drugs and vaccines, poultry insurance throughout the production cycle, usually within 6 months and also cater for the logistics involved in the sale of the birds. We attach a trained farm Manager/Technical support personnel to every farm sponsored on our platform.


  • Why 6 months?

    This gives us enough time to set up the farms, grow the birds according to our buyer specification then sell off all the birds and return our sponsors’ money with the accrued profits.


  • What happens if the sponsored farm fails?

    We have a team of agric experts and technical partners whose primary responsibility is to ensure that any farm sponsored on our platform follow standard farm management practices while employing modern farming techniques all geared towards minimal risk and production cost with corresponding success.

    However, we are aware of the risks in the industry and therefore every farm on our platform is comprehensively insured by our partner insurance firm- Leadway Assurance against all insurable risks which help to protect our sponsors’ capital.


  • How can I get Farmmonie to work with my farm?

    You visit our office at 2nd floor, Edo Innovation Hub, 59 ICE Road, Off Wire Road, Benin City or call +2349060008394 or send us an email with “FARM MANAGMENT” as the subject.