About Us

Farmmonie (a product of Smartagro Technologies Limited) is an agric-tech company created to provide innovative solutions to African poultry farmers.

Via www.farmmonie.com, individuals can sponsor farm units listed on our platform with as low at ₦50,000. The funds are used to provide inputs such as day-old chicks, feeds, drugs and vacccines till the birds reach mature size. All farms listed on our platform are comprehensively insured by Leadway Assurance. At maturity, we offtake the birds from our farms and partner farmers and process them into frozen chicken of different sizes. These birds are sold to our partner buyers which include fast food chains, meat retailers and wholesalers. This gives the farmer the opportunity to profitably grow more birds thereby ensuring more jobs, increasing the standard of living of the farmers and contributing to the food security of the nation.

Farmmonie is helping to create a new business experience for these farmers by enabling them through technology and sustainable business models to grow birds both on and off season with steady flow of income.

Our Vision

To help the Nigerian poultry industry achieve its fullest potentials.

Our Mission

To deliver rapid sustainable solution to pressing problems confronting Nigerian poultry industry.

Our Core Values


We believe in hard work, commitment and we follow through on all we do. We work with all stakeholders on all projects to painstaking deliver what is not just right but the best.


We improve on what we have and help others in the best way we can. We hold it as a policy to keep to our word and communicate in the clearest terms possible with all our partners and sponsors.


We also have our own farm boots. We get dirty and we do the work to ensure the best results on all our farms.


We don’t just do it. We do it well. It is our culture. It is who we are. We help our farmers to imbibe this culture and grow with it.


We always have the end in mind right from the start. We do not leave things to just happen, we work and follow up to achieve the results we envisage at the beginning.

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